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HEAD/HAIR SPA massage table Electric, hair washing with water circulation treatment equipped with an integrated foot bath!


Discover the ultimate relaxation experience with our Head Spa Electric Massage Table. Designed to provide superior comfort and support, this revolutionary table is the perfect addition to your wellness space.

Featuring an ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology, our electric massage table allows you to personalize each session to meet the unique needs of your clients. Thanks to its electric mechanism, easily adjust the height, tilt and massage functions to create the perfect ambiance.

Features of the Head Spa Electric Massage Table include:

  • Targeted Massage: Enjoy a variety of massage modes, including vibration, kneading and soothing heat, to relieve muscle tension and promote mental relaxation.
  • Optimal Comfort: The thick padding and soft surface ensure maximum comfort for your customers, while the adjustable headrest ensures adequate support for the head and neck.
  • Versatility and Durability: Made with premium materials, this table is designed to withstand heavy use while maintaining its elegance and functionality.
  • Ease of use: With its intuitive electric control, quickly adjust table settings during massage sessions, providing a smooth and relaxing experience for you and your clients.

Offer your clients an unrivaled massage experience and make your treatment space a true sanctuary of relaxation with the Head Spa Electric Massage Table. Order now and discover the ultimate in well-being at your fingertips.

Electric massage table HAIR/HEAD SPA foot bath

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