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Discover hair analysis in your KOKOA Hair Spa & Massage Institute


Discover hair analysis in your KOKOA Hair Spa & Massage Institute

Analysis of hair bulbs, a precise method of investigation of the body for perfect
knowledge of your health presented by Damien THOMETZKI.

Damien THOMETZKI has been practicing this method for around twenty years, this technique does not resemble
to no other It allows very detailed knowledge of the state of health of a person, trained with
by Robert ZIRMI, a pioneer in the research of hair bulb analysis. (Book: The mirror hair
of your life. Amber Editions)
Why do this hair bulb analysis?
To identify the causes of hair loss
Against physical and mental exhaustion
Evaluate trace elements, minerals, heavy metals
Determine the causes of weight gain
Measure a demineralizing ground
The assessment includes: Analysis of hair bulbs and the SNA Autonomic Nervous System test
You participate in SNA analysis and testing
You receive advice and solutions at the end of the analysis and test

Duration: Between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes 140 CHF
Make an appointment at +33643 77 00 44

The structure of the hair tells us about our vitality and our energy state which results from our general state
The different levels of reading the hair allow us to understand on different levels and to verify the physical, psychological and energetic health of the person.

Beyond its visible appearance to which we frequently attach particular care to treat its
physical appearance, hair is a center of information on the body, it acts like a memory card, a terminal which stores data concerning us.

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